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Everything about wall shelves

Welcome to my blog dedicated to artisanal wall shelves. Here I share with you decorating ideas, tips for making the most of your hanging shelves, and the stories behind the design of my products.

The Art of Handcrafted Wall Shelves

A blend of functionality and aesthetics

In my workshop, each wall shelf is much more than just an object. It is a fusion of art and functionality. My process begins with the selection of quality materials, sturdy wood, natural jute or cotton rope. Each material is chosen for its durability and natural aesthetic. The design of my shelves is guided by two principles: charm and practicality. These pieces are not just storage supports, but real decorative elements that bring warmth and character to your interior.

Decorating Ideas with Hanging Shelves

Maximize your space in style

Hanging shelves provide a unique opportunity for interior design. They are perfect for small spaces, because they create vertical storage without taking up space on the floor. In a living room, a shelf can serve as a display for your books, plants, or decorative objects. In the kitchen, they can accommodate your spices and utensils, making everything both accessible and aesthetically pleasing. The key is to balance functionality and style, making sure not to overcrowd the shelves to maintain a sleek, airy look.

Hanging shelves are not only a stunning addition to your home; they are also ideal for professional spaces such as spas, beauty salons and guest houses. In these environments, the bohemian and zen atmosphere is essential to create a relaxing and welcoming experience for guests. Our shelves provide a stylish and functional way to display products, towels or decorations, helping to create a serene and orderly ambiance. Whether for personal or professional use, they are an excellent choice for any space looking to combine beauty and functionality.

Tips for Optimal Use of Hanging Shelves

Organize and beautify your living space

Using hanging shelves effectively involves more than just hanging them on the wall. It is important to consider the space available and the weight the shelves can support. In terms of layout, consider varying the height of shelves to create visual interest. When decorating, take a minimalist approach. Choose items that add to the overall aesthetic without overwhelming the space. Shelves should be both a focal point and a harmonious addition to your interior design.

Behind Every Shelf: My Creative Process

The story of my unique creations

Each shelf is the result of a meticulous creation process. The idea for a new shelf often begins with inspiration drawn from nature, a trip or even a moment in everyday life. I sketch designs, choose my materials carefully, and work with precision to shape each piece. This process, although sometimes long, is always rewarding. Each finished shelf is not only a product that I am proud to sell, but also a piece of my history and passion.

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