Collection: Bohemian and Chic : Wood and jute rope

Meuble fabriqué main - Etagère suspendue en bois & corde en jute - 3 étages - Holbox Spirit

Bohemian Shelf: A Natural and Warm Touch

My wooden and jute rope shelves are decorative elements that bring a bohemian and friendly atmosphere to any space. Whether it is a house, an apartment or a workplace, these original creations add a unique and charming character. Discover the different options and inspirations to integrate this type of shelf into the heart of your decor.
Wood and Jute Rope Shelf: A Mixture of Natural and Authentic Materials These wall shelves are perfect for enhancing your interior with a bohemian touch.The marriage of wood and jute brings true natural beauty, expressing a deep love for noble and authentic materials. By adopting this type of shelf in your home, you are banking on aesthetics and charm to captivate all eyes.

French Artisanal Manufacturing

Wooden and jute rope shelves can be found in different styles and formats, but theFrench manufacturing remains a guarantee of quality and know-how. These hand-made decorative objects feature careful finishes and an original design, which reflect the attention paid to each stage of their design. By choosing a shelf made in France, you are also participating in supporting the local economy and artisans passionate about their profession like Holbox Spirit.

Holbox Spirit: A Collection of Bohemian Shelves

The Holbox Spirit brand offers a range of shelves in wood and jute rope combining timeless charm and bohemian-chic spirit. Perfect for any type of interior, these creations seduce with their handcrafted appearance and unique design.

Meuble fabriqué main - Double étagère murale en bois & corde en jute - Holbox Spirit

Bohemian Shelf: A Natural and Warm Touch

Each piece in the Holbox Spirit collection is made fromnatural jute and carefully selected wood. The jute rope provides a raw and authentic appearance, while the solid wood ensures robustness and stability to the whole.

  • Wall Shelves: this type of shelf can be attached directly to the wall to create an original and attractive storage space. Holbox Spirit shelves are available in different sizes, to suit any space in your home or office.
  • Hanging Shelves: Whether in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even the office, hanging shelves fit any room, providing practical storage without compromising on style.

Integrate a Bohemian Style Shelf into Your Decor

Wooden and jute rope shelves offer many possibilities for adding a natural and warm touch to your decoration. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • In the living room: Place a wall shelf above the sofa to display your favorite decorative items, photos or books.
  • In the kitchen: hang a jute shelf to store your kitchen utensils, spices or aromatic plants. Its bohemian design will bring an original and friendly touch to this functional space.
  • In the bedroom: install a shelf above the headboard to store books, plants or candle holders, or use it as a hanging bedside table. It will add character to your environment while offering you practical storage space.
  • In the Bathroom: hang a wooden and jute rope shelf to store your beauty products and shower accessories. Combine it with rattan or bamboo elements to create an atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation.

By integrating the bohemian spirit shelf into your home, you will create a warm and friendly atmosphere that invites you to feel good at home. Thanks to noble and natural materials, such as wood and jute, these shelves will adapt to all rooms, while enhancing the existing decoration.